Impact through teaching

Ed has been invited to speak at Impact Through Teaching! Architectural Education Within Changing Environmental Conditions, part of Educational Platform – Anthropocene Pedagogies in Architecture. Ed will speak on a panel with Anna Maria Meister (KIT), Jane Rendell (UCL), Corneel Cannaerts (KU Leuven), moderated by Lidia Gasperoni (TU Berlin) and Jennifer Raum (Bauhaus-University Weimar).

The symposium aims to illuminate the transformative effects and driving forces of emerging educational practices, and to foster a dialogue among international researchers and educators in the field of architecture.

Amidst our growing awareness of changing environmental conditions, the Post-Anthropocene provides a context for radical, speculative, hitherto unfamiliar, ethical, ecological and experimental architectural practices. But what are the implications for architecture itself, how does architecture need to be recontextualized to cope with the uncertainties of the climate crisis? It seems time to renegotiate past forces of architectural education and to develop an appropriate vocabulary to capture and document its effects. In doing so, we aim to shed light on the multifaceted dimensions of the outcomes of teaching practices and provide insights that can guide future pedagogical approaches.