New Coasts Studio

New Coasts is a Masters Landscape Architecture and Urbanism studio at the University of Greenwich >>>

Published 15th July 2024


Climate justice / sites of publicness

‘Climates of publicness’, series 1-3, 2023: Exploration of relations between landscape and public space through climate protest, action, and inaction – through a range of intersecting >>>

Published 31st May 2024


Part Forest

Part Forest is a collaboration with Captivate Heritage Laboratory. Contact us for more information.

Published 26th March 2024


Melbourne Design Week

A Post-Landscape Handbook is published on Other Spaces exhibition as part of Melbourne Design Week.

Read the full essay >>>

Published 21st October 2022

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This is a brief, in-progress portfolio of design and research collaborations from the Project Studio of Ed Wall >>>

Published 11th September 2021


22. Ways of Being Seen

Description: Ways of being seen explores landscapes held in tension by a 100ft monument in the Scottish Northeast Highlands. The monument to the First Duke of Sutherland commemorates a man who presided over one of the most contested Highland Clearances of the nineteenth century. During this time populations were forcibly displaced to make way for sheep farming and new infrastructures were inscribed across the landscape. >>>

Published 5th September 2021


Ways of being seen project exhibited

The mappings and model for the Ways of being seen project were exhibited in The Landscapists Exhibition.

Published 19th July 2021


The Landscapists Exhibition

The Landscapists exhibition includes inventive landscape works by leading artists, designers, and researchers, including: Harry Bix; Luis Callejas and Charlotte Hansson; Emma Colthurst; James Corner; Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman; Drawing Architecture Studio; Larissa Fassler; Alexis Liu; Tiago Torresā€Campos; SCAPE; and Ed Wall. >>>

Published 12th May 2021


21. The Landscapists

Description: The Landscapists explores expanding fields of landscape. It began as a commission for Ed Wall to guest-edit an issue of Architectural Design (Wiley 2020) and was developed further through a series of international seminars and a public exhibition. The Landscapists involved almost 100 leading international landscape researchers, designers, artists, and scientists who have shared their unique landscape practices. >>>

Published 30th January 2020


Five times over

Five times over is an exhibition of student work from the Advanced Landscape Studio at the University of Greenwich, curated by Ed Wall. It presents a selection of student design projects from 2013 – 2018, some award-winning works that have been published and exhibited internationally >>>

Published 30th August 2018