Recent books:
Contesting Public Spaces: The Social Lives of Urban Redevelopment in London (author) [Routledge 2022]
Unsettled: Urban Contestations, Temporalities and Routines (co-editor with Tihomir Viderman, Sabine Knierbein, Elina Kränzle, Sybille Frank and Nikolai Roskamm) [To be published by Routledge 2022]
Landscape Citizenships (co-editor with Tim Waterman and Jane Wolff) [Routledge 2021]
Designing for Direct Action [The Journal of the Landscape Institute, 2021]
The Landscapists: Redefining Landscape Relations (guest editor) [Architectural Design/Wiley 2020]
Testing-Ground: Issue 02: Other Sides (co-editor with Alex Malaescu) [ALU 2019]
Landscape and Agency: Critical Essays (co-editor with Tim Waterman) [Routledge 2017]

Selection of recent articles and book chapters:
A Post-Landscape Handbook [Melbourne Design Week 2022]
Experimental studio ecologies: A productive throwntogetherness (with Alexis Liu) [Routledge 2022]
From Cleaning to Cleansing: Maintenance as an Urban Development Practice (Routledge 2022)
Constellation versus hero: a conversation with Mary Miss [Journal of the British Academy, 2021]
Foreword: A Tribute to Michael Sorkin [Foreword to 250 Things... 2021]
Incompleteness: landscapes, cartographies, citizenships [Landscape Research 2021]
Manifesto of future landscape relations [Journal of the Landscape Institute 2020]
Youthhood [Testing-Ground 03: Youthhood 2020]
Covid thoughts: Reopening public green spaces [Landscape Research Group 2020]
Les Paysagistes: Expanding, Producing, Contested Fields of Landscape [Architectural Design/Wiley 2020]
Advanced Landscapes [Architectural Design/Wiley 2020]

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